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Balance for Mind Body & Soul

Natasha offers you a unique approach to your sessions. Whether you are wishing for transformation through Life Coaching or Reiki Healing, every session is tailored specifically to your needs, so you will experience a wonderful blend of meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises or flower essence remedies to your sessions. Natasha will support you to finding a sense of balance for mind, body and soul.


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Start creating truly positive changes in your life through Mindfulness & Transformational Coaching.  Explore what is holding you back, feel less stressed, discover alternative ways of doing things, increase confidence, improve relationships and feel empowered to reach your life goals.

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Bring about a wonderful balance and alignment in Mind, Body and Soul. Reiki offers a gentle hand to facilitate your own healing process emotionally, physically and spiritually. Reiki is also an excellent relaxing and restorative treatment, releasing energy blockages and providing vitality.

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Rediscover who you are at Soul Level. Learn about your Soul qualities and how to harness these through action and begin to manifest what you truly want! You will get the clarity and clear repeating patterns of behaviour so you can Reconnect with your unique Soul Purpose and fly.

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Combine Reiki, Coaching and Akashic Clearing in these truly powerful & transformational 2-hour sessions.  Firstly a coaching session brings about a conscious understanding of the positive changes you wish to make, followed by a Reiki session to allow the changes on a deeper, energetic level.

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