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Do you ever have days when everything feels not very ok at all? And sometimes you don’t even know why you feel not very ok, you just know that you do?

Last week was mental health awareness week.

So, if you did hear a lot about it last week, please don’t forget about it this week.

It really is important for us all to look after our own mental health and wellbeing every week of the year. And it’s equally important to look out for the wellbeing of others too. 

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and we just don’t feel ok. There might not be any apparent reason why we wake up feeling that way.

We all have those ‘not ok’ days. Every single one of us. And it can be comforting to know that we are never alone.

I know I have those days too. Days when everything feels like an uphill struggle and I often don’t even know why I feel that way. I just wake up, and I don’t feel ok. 

I have learned that it’s ok to not feel ok. 

I don’t always have to put on a brave face. 

I have learned that I don’t need to bottle it all up. There are people that I can reach out to when I am not feeling ok.

I have realised that there are others out there too that are having a hard time. Even though on the face of things they seem to be doing just fine – but perhaps that’s not how they are feeling inside. 

Here are 5 things that really help me when I’m not feeling ok:

  1. Reach out – I’ve learned that it’s ok to reach out to someone close and ask for some support. The more I do this, the easier I find it to let someone know that I might need a hug or ask them if I can have 10 minutes of their time to listen to me. Who would you reach out to first?
  2. Vulnerability – I know I don’t always have to be the strong one, I can show people that I’m struggling, and that I’m finding it tough. I’m only human after all ;-). How might you let someone know that things might be bit tough for you at the moment? 
  3. It’s ok – I’ve learned that I don’t have to beat myself up when I’m not bounding around with joy. I’m allowed to have an off day and I give myself permission to not feel ok. The more I allow myself to feel it, rather than ignore it, the quicker I find the feelings then pass.
  4. Ask myself what I need – I don’t push myself quite so hard anymore when I’m feeling flat and unmotivated. I give myself permission to go slower, and not push to get everything done. What might you let go of a little when you’re finding it tough?
  5. It’s normal – We all have off days, and those around us that appear to have it all sorted, possibly haven’t got it sorted all the time. They will have ‘off’ days too. Who do you know who might be struggling a little at the moment?

So, please don’t suffer in silence, there really is no need to. And don’t forget others that might be putting a brave face on it, might be suffering too. Let those you love and care for know that you’re there for them… for the laughter and the tears! It will provide great comfort to you both.

Remember:  Start small and build from there. 

Much love,

Natasha x 

P.S. What do you do when you’re not feeling ok? By doing something different you will start to find a solution that works for you. Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

P.P.S Reply via email – I’d love to hear how you are getting on, or let me know if you’re struggling and need a little inspiration to make a start!

These 3 steps will help you find your purpose

Do you feel you’re here to fulfil a purpose in life? And perhaps you have no clue what that purpose is?

Or do you have a really good idea what it is, but you have no idea what to do to fulfil it?

I was having a really interesting conversation with a client the other week about this, and it got me thinking.

I love to talk about reconnecting to our purpose, but what does it really mean?

I believe that our life purpose is something that unfolds day to day, month to month, year to year.

But feeling a connection to our purpose is something we do every day. This, for me, is about continuing to live more authentically and do what feels important and harmonious to us in the moment. It’s about getting to know ourselves better as time goes on. It’s about doing more of what feels good to us every day.

Purpose is different for everyone.

I guess it’s a bit of a dance we do in life. You slowly move towards your bigger life purpose. Then, perhaps, something happens that distracts you, or challenges you and you focus on that for a while. Perhaps as a result your purpose has shifted and changed a bit.

When you move towards what you want, you connect to joy, contentment and peace. You take a few steps closer towards your purpose.

But sometimes you stray from your purpose and you forget what’s important to you.

Sometimes, we’re busy fulfilling everyone else’s dreams or doing what we believe we should be doing in order to ensure everyone else is happy.

You forget about what’s important to you. And this is when it’s time to stop and reconnect to your Purpose.

My purpose is always growing and expanding. It changes as my confidence grows. It shifts as I get to know and understand myself better.

I started off as an IT and project manager. I’ve worked for charities, I’ve set up a local organic veg box. That can’t be further from where I am today, but I recognise that every step of the way was important and necessary to get me to where I am today.

I’ve learnt so much about myself in doing all those things. I learned what’s important to me. I learned what my strengths are. I learned what my weaknesses are.

I am still learning.

And although I’m living closer to my purpose, I also know I’m not there yet.

My purpose continues to unfold.

Do I know where it’s heading? Not really, but I have an idea though I’m not entirely sure where I will end up. I trust that if I continue to follow my hopes and my dreams, I will get closer and closer. But in the meantime I try to live my purpose every day (with the odd mistake every now and again, of course!)

Here are 3 tips to finding your life purpose:

  1. Relax – there’s no hurry to get there. Remember you don’t have to figure it all out right now. Be patient, and enjoy the journey as it unfolds.
  2. Clarity – What’s important to you right now? Write a list of these things. Start talking about them with friends and family. Start doing things on that list and see where it takes you.
  3. Trust – follow your instinct and what feels good. Only you know what feels good and makes you feel alive. It’s not up to anyone else, but you. Take one step to doing something for yourself.

Remember:  Start small and build from there. 

Much love,
Natasha x

P.S. Do you feel connected to your purpose? Are you allowing it to unfold or are you letting life pass you by? By doing something different you will start to find a solution that works for you. Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

P.P.S. Reply by email – I’d love to hear how you are getting on, or let me know if you’re struggling and need a little inspiration to make a start!?