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Life Coaching for Mind, Body & Soul – With Natasha Harris

Life Coaching is a transformational way to initiate positive change in your life. Through powerful questioning we will explore what changes you want to make in one or more areas of your life and how to go about making these changes.

I will encourage you to look at alternative ways of doing things, so that you feel both challenged and satisfied.

I will give you the space to reflect on where you are now and through appropriate goal setting where you want to be in the not too distant future, identifying anything that may be holding you back.  

I’m a firm believer that we all know how to make the changes we need to lead happier, more fulfilled and balanced lives, but that sometimes, life just seems to get in the way. Our coaching sessions will be focused around what best suits you and your needs at that time.

I will provide you with a safe environment and support you to identify what is really important to you and through this, support you to start making these changes.

It’s a really exciting journey!! Are you ready to make some positive changes and transform your life? 

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