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Mindfulness Coaching Explained

Mindfulness & Transformational Coaching will allow you the space you need to start making those changes in your life that you are wanting to make. I will support you where you need supporting, challenge you where you need challenging, and with you identify your goals and ambitions to lead you towards a fuller and more balanced life.

Our first discovery session will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other and identify what areas of your life you wish to look at. I always recommend, for any powerful shifts and changes to occur, that a minimum of 7 sessions are booked. This will allow time for the learning process to become a reality.
I may also introduce breathing techniques, flower essences, movement and meditation exercises for you to take away, if I believe it is relevant for you.

When we create a space for mindful reflection amazing things can start to happen. As you develop a deeper awareness of what’s going on around you, things really begin to change. You will begin to discover how to create balance in this seemingly crazy and busy world. When we combine Mindfulness with transformation, you can find your own solutions through any given situation so that you feel more empowered, motivated and confident. You are back in control of your life and where you are heading.

6 Months with sessions every 2 weeks where each session is 1 hour.
All programmes include an Akashic Reading and Personalised Manifesting Guide.

Please email me at natasha@mindbodysoulenergy.co.uk or use the Contact Form

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