Coaching Success Stories

I was very in my head, stressed, anxious and full of self-doubt. Eight months later I am more confident and happier….

Before I started working with Natasha I was very in my head, stressed, anxious and full of self-doubt about situations at work. My self-confidence was knocked and I felt like I had no one to talk to about it in an objective and constructive way.
I have always looked forward to my coaching sessions and I always felt like I had plenty of time. The organic flow of each session worked really well and my sessions linked together, allowing for certain insights to reveal themselves. I had a sense of personal awareness that I could act on.
I feel significantly more confident, happier and more grounded in my body. The greatest impact has been the understanding the power of intentions and my personal strengths and how both can be directed into positive action.
It’s been an absolutely pleasure working with Natasha and I got exactly what I needed from my coaching sessions. Natasha’s gentle guiding towards making my own personal discoveries has been instrumental in its success – thank you! Brett

I had a lot of fear and my self-esteem had hit the floor but I now feel so much more confident and there is a calmness about me…The glass is no longer half empty!…

Before working with Natasha, I had a lot of fear about everything and my self-esteem had hit the floor. My biggest challenge was to try and stop the negative spiral I was in and I didn’t think anything would change it.
Working with Natasha I always felt like an equal and I never felt embarrassed to share what I was feeling. I valued our sessions, which were sometimes difficult but the Angel cards and little bottles of essences Natasha gave me, made me feel special, which was something I was struggling with at the time.
Natasha is warm a warm and thoughtful coach and I have gained so much more confidence and there is now a calmness about me – the glass is no longer half empty! Caroline

I was questioning the direction in my life, and now I am more aware of my decisions and feel less stressed….
I was in a period of change after a break up, was quite stressed and unmotivated at work. I was also questioning the direction of my life. I don’t like to talk about myself much, so knew it might be challenging for me. 
Natasha always asked the right questions, especially the ones I’d been avoiding, and she gently pushed me to think differently. I was able to move out of my comfort zone, and I now have some proper tools to steer my life.
I am now more aware of my decisions and feel less stressed, especially thanks to the Mindfulness. Isabelle
I was feeling overwhelmed and never had time for myself, but now I have tools to help build a daily routine…”
I was feeling really overwhelmed about things, especially as I don’t make any time for myself, being a busy mum of 3 boys. My mind was always thinking fast and I rarely gave myself time to relax.
I was hesitant about opening up to a stranger about my personal family life, and working with Natasha has been a very personal journey for me.
Natasha has given me confidence to open and be honest with myself. She has encouraged me to see my actions from a different perspective, and become mindful. Her regular email updates have been very useful and with her guidance she given me the tools to help build a daily ritual. This has helped me realise how I can enjoy what I have in the present moment and to be grateful with what I have already. Priya
“This has helped me find my best path through any given situation…”
I started working with Natasha during a very stressful period of my life and I credit her with keeping me going through it all. She is warm and wise, a brilliant listener and provides the perfect combination of practical support and guidance that will help you find the best path through any given situation. Cathy, NW London
“I now understand what influences my feelings and behaviour
I have a better sense of what’s important to me…”

I had been dealing with problems of stress and anxiety over a long period and was feeling pessimistic about the future and lacking a sense of direction. Natasha listen well, asks the right questions, is practical, but without pushing too much, and provides a supportive space to explore. I now understand what influences my feelings and behaviours, and what motivates me, so I can let this guide my actions. I have a better sense of what’s important to me. Colin, London
“I am able to steer my life in the direction I want…”
I’m incredibly grateful for meeting Natasha and the coaching I received. What I value most about Natasha is her integrity and compassion. In her coaching she is skilled at getting you to challenge yourself and delve gently into the ‘blind spots’ but at all times you feel safe and respected. Life coaching has been great for me not just in thinking about big life decisions but also in the conversations I need to have to steer my life in the direction I want. Everyone needs a Natasha in their life!Lucy, London
“I have so much more confidence and I feel much happier within myself. It’s such a great investment to make in yourself…”
I highly recommend coaching with Natasha and have been very lucky to work with her over the last 3 months. I have never worked with a life coach before & was hesitant at being open & talking about myself at first but what I realised is that it’s not hard & is such a great investment to make in yourself.
With Natasha’s support, having that scheduled time to have a good look at myself & my personal goals has given me so much more confidence in myself that I can be successful at work and all in all feel much happier within myself. During the sessions Natasha supported me, listened to me and encouraged me throughout. She also helped me plan my action points, and communicated easily and openly with me at all times. To someone thinking about taking on life coaching I would wholeheartedly say go for it!
All in all it was an amazingly positive experience & Natasha is a pleasure to work with.Gemma, London
“My life was spiralling out of control but I now realise my own worth in my business and that I deserve to be recognised too…”
After lamenting to a friend about how my life was spiralling out of control, he mentioned that a colleague of his was a life coach, and that it might help me. Meeting with Natasha has been great.
She’s warm and welcoming, but also no-nonsense and directs the conversation towards the focus of getting your life on track. Her questions are designed to help me develop my own answers to my questions. Natasha helped me realise my own worth in my own business – I wasn’t giving myself enough credit, and it was getting me down.
I now know that my business would never have materialised if it wasn’t for me, and that I, too, deserved to be recognised. Life is an ongoing project. I am still working through the day-to-day stresses, as well as my personal organisation and financial management, but it helps to have someone like Natasha in your corner, helping you sort things out. Jenni, London