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Reiki Treatments Explained

Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing. It is carried out through gentle touch on or close to the body. Lying comfortably and fully clothed the session will take place in a relaxing, warm and safe environment.
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Your first treatment will include a short initial consultation, which will allow us time to cover a brief medical history and to highlight any physical or emotional issues. It will also give you an opportunity to discuss what you would like from your session(s).

I may also introduce breathing techniques, yoga postures and meditation as part of your treatment if it is relevant as well as give you some useful exercises to take home with you.

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that does not restrict you in anyway (i.e belts or tight waste bands). Wearing something comfortable will allow you to feel relaxed and breathe easily during the session. It is also best to avoid wearing watches and heavy jewellery, please leave these at home.

You’ve just had a wonderful Reiki treatment. Now what? I’ve written a Post on my Blog which gives you 7 simple things to consider after a session. These are all suggestions, but the important thing to remember is to stay tuned in to what you and your body needs to keep the energies working at their highest vibration and in your best interests. Read the Post here

6 Months with sessions every 2 weeks where each session is 1 hour.
All programmes include an Akashic Reading and Personalised Manifesting Guide.

Please email me at natasha@mindbodysoulenergy.co.uk or use the Contact Form for more information.

Please note, Reiki does not diagnose physical ailments

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