Akashic Reading & Manifesting Miracles Success Stories

It’s like receiving a roadmap and finding a better route – recognising that there may be another way around the road blocks that keep getting in the way, perhaps even by building a bridge over them….

I was feeling generally feeling held back but couldn’t understand why I kept sabotaging my own progress. I had doubts at times, about my own path and the work I was doing. During the process Natasha revealed precious and truly fascinating information about who I am and my previous lives. So much of what she said really resonated with me.

For me, it was a wonderfully re-assuring process, and a confirmation that I was on the right path. I now feel reassured about myself or my work. It has helped me understand myself better; things now make complete sense to me. It gives me a higher level of acceptance, as well as a direction of where to concentrate my efforts in alleviating areas where I hold myself back.”  Romi, Akashic Reading & Clearing

This 15 minute taster has set me free and answered so many of life long hiccups. I can’t wait to explore a full reading now….

I had not heard of Akashic Readings before but I was intrigued.  I have been looking to overcome my lack of self-belief and this 15 minute reading has set me free, as it answered so many of my life long hiccups. I am a true believer in destiny and I know I needed to hear what I heard on this day about “Me”.  I have been questioning whether my plans to start writing would be the best path for me and the very first point Natasha spoke about was my writing ability. Amazing. The whole process was simple and very illuminating. Speaking to Natasha was easy and a breath of fresh air. 

I am now ready to explore a full reading. I am curious how Natasha could be so accurate when she doesn’t know me. Whoever said nothing good comes for free? It does and I’m so grateful and ready to start my long overdue journey to fulfil my destiny. It’s not over until it’s over.”  Vivienne, Akashic Taster

I had reached a point of stagnation where I was unable to identify my life goals. Working with you has been enlightening and it has kickstarted me out of my inertia….

I had reached a point of stagnation where I was unable to identify my life goals and felt unable to move forward with making potentially life enhancing changes.

This was a whole new concept for me and I worried that I wouldn’t understand it or how to apply it to my life, but working with you has been enlightening and liberating. It is honestly mind blowing how accurate your reading was. It has now kickstarted me out of my inertia and enabled me to start to focus on what I want from life and how to go about achieving it. 

I have to repeat, I cannot believe how totally spot on your energy reading was! You have a gift and it was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time! Thank you.”  Natasha, Manifesting Miracles

I’ve learnt to trust more in who I am, what I see; to stand in my strengths and believe in my intuition and myself…

I found I kept experiencing the same issues around finances, dependence and not being seen and heard and my biggest challenge was that I wasn’t always conscious of the choices I made and the actions I took.

I was intrigued and open to what may show up in the Akashic Reading and it was an eye opener. It was scarily accurate and quite literally blew me away. It reinforced what I knew to be true about me. What my natural gifts were and my divine nature that ultimately had determined my career choices (albeit unconsciously at the time). I could also see why I held certain fears and what obstacles I hadn’t overcome. I could now connect the dots looking backwards. Armed with this knowledge I’ll be able to make more informed conscious choices going forward.

Completing the ‘reading’ with the Reiki was invaluable in helping to cement the learning. By being conscious of what was showing up for me in the weeks in-between the sessions, Natasha was then able to work on clearing any remaining blocks through the Reiki.” Tracy, Akashic Reading & Clearing and Reiki

I finally understand why I have been repeating the same old patterns. I can now consciously say NO to these old patterns and create new ones that are allowing me to grow as a person

I was feeling like I was stuck and in a bit of turmoil.  Although I have been working on clearing within myself, I felt like I was still repeating the same patterns and had no control. 

I was fascinated by the possibility of how past lives affect our current lives and I was intrigued as to what would come up for me.
Natasha, you make me feel completely at home.  I felt and feel comfortable talking to you, expressing my feelings freely and open to allowing you to help me. I finally understand why I have been repeating the same patterns.  I feel like I can now consciously say NO to those old patterns and create new ones that are allowing me to grow as a person.

The session was fabulous and would highly recommended this to anyone open to understanding themselves further.” Lara, Akashic Reading & Clearing

My biggest challenges have been my anxiety and my uncertainty in myself and my career and I learned so much about myself and lots of things started to make sense….

My biggest challenges have been my anxiety, my uncertainty in myself and my career, as well as not really knowing my own strength.
I have never invested into a programme that was primarily spiritual before and so was curious and a little unsure how this may work for me but I was also really excited to give it a try.

Doing the Akashic Reading following by some Coaching has been really great. Natasha is very patient and has a real calmness which enabled me to go with the flow. I learned a great deal about myself from the very first session and a lot of things started to make sense.
My biggest benefit has been admitting that I always take on too much and overload myself with work which then leads to anxiety down the line and an inability to recognise when I am actually doing well or have achieved something. I also like thinking of things from a spiritual angle as opposed to completely factual.

The coaching was very useful and I needed to connect and understand how to put everything I discovered in the Akashic Reading into practice in my own life.

I would highly recommend Natasha and her unique way of working!” Laura, Akashic Reading & Clearing and Coaching

It was a gentle affirmation of what I needed to hear so I could focus and move forward…”

I was looking for more information around the practical elements of my life, and some clarifications on my next steps. I was open to the process being what it needed, and found that relationships were an area I needed to focus on to move forward. It was a gentle affirmation of what I needed to hear and I was grateful for the safe space to open up and discuss areas of my life I wouldn’t normally have.” Cheryl-lya, Akashic Reading & Clearing