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Reiki Treatments for Mind, Body & Soul –  With Natasha Harris

shutterstock_263553689Reiki is an energy healing practice founded by Mikao Usui (1865-1926). Energy is all around us, and permeates all things. Our energy levels are often affected by the busy lives that we lead. We sometimes feel tired or exhausted and can’t quite put our fingers on the reasons why. Or we sometimes don’t quite have the motivation to make the changes that we desperately want.

Give yourself permission to stop, relax and feel rejuvenated again.

Reiki Benefits:

Are you feeling:

  • stress
  • exhaustion
  • relationship issues
  • losing weight
  • anxiety
  • fertility issues
  • loss of direction in life
  • physical complaints & pain

Reiki can bring about a sense of:

  • balance
  • relaxation
  • well-being
  • flow
  • fun
  • synchronicity
  • excitement and
  • vision

Reiki can:

  • Help you alleviate a range of physical as well as emotional issues
  • Facilitate any changes you may desire
  • Re-establish a connection and awareness of yourself
  • Be an excellent complementary therapy to modern medicine

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