Reiki Success Stories

“I felt so relaxed with an inner sense of peace…”
Thanks a million for the wonderful reiki session. I was really very nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect, but you did a very good job explaining how it works and putting my mind at ease. The session made me feel so relaxed and gave me an inner sense of peace. I could feel a lot of the tension and stress I came in with just melting away. It really was a wonderful experience. Thanks once again. James, 43. London
“I saw some immediate changes in the way I was processing my emotions. I am now so much happier, more confident, and I’m more in control of my emotions and destiny…”
“I came to see Natasha because I had recently split up with my long term partner. I was feeling lost and unable to focus on what I needed to do in order to remove myself from a downward spiral and I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as I met Natasha my reservations were put at ease and I saw some immediate changes in the way I was processing my emotions. Natasha and I have developed an extremely positive and trusting relationship. In the sessions I was given an opportunity to explore my emotions and then the Reiki treatment was based around those discussions. I now feel so much happier and in control of my emotions and destiny. My work with Natasha has been an amazing success, thank you .” Michael, 44. London


I have been struggling with infertility and many failed rounds of fertility treatments. I now have a son who I conceived naturally…”
“I have been struggling with infertility and dealing with many rounds of failed fertility treatments. I felt as a result of all these negative experiences I had developed emotional blocks and felt this within my body. I was really looking to view my situation from a different angle and let go of these block that had formed. I realised that I also had a deep fear of pregnancy which I wanted to let go of too. I had tried acupuncture, reflexology and seen a psychologist but felt that none of these treated me holistically. I have developed an increased awareness of my thoughts and learned to view things differently. I can feel that I let go of my many block both emotionally and physically. I have gained so much from my Reiki treatments with Natasha and I have relaxed and let go in ways I didn’t thing possible and felt the difference in such a short space of time. And now I am a proud mum of my baby boy!” Shelley, 38. London


“My back pain and migraines were relieved through my sessions…”
“I had little experience of Reiki when I started working with Natasha, but I feel very confident about recommending it as an experience through which to connect with your body and mind in a very powerful but gentle way. Reiki healing is an art and Natasha is an artist.
Any reservations I had quickly dissipated to give way to trust in the process which she tailors to individual needs. I suffer back pain and migraines and believe that many of my symptoms were relieved through the several sessions I had with Natasha. She works in a holistic way and openly shares her knowledge of other alternative ways of healing and thought. I always felt safe and heard in my sessions and look forward to more” Sarah, 39. London
“The quality of my sleep has improved, along with my energy levels and my overall sense of wellbeing…”
“Natasha has a natural gift. She’d probably deny it but that’s what makes her such a down to earth practitioner. I may not understand how Reiki energy works but I do know it does. Her care and understanding create a supportive and comfortable environment and she has an ability to intuit, without being intrusive or judgemental. Each session was different for me and I quickly gave up trying to figure it all out and just relaxed and even fell asleep (something that doesn’t come easily to me!). In fact the quality of my sleep has generally improved, along with my energy levels and my overall sense of well being. Natasha’s knowledge of flower remedies, yoga and breathing also helped me to make some important life changes. I looked forward to each session, as alongside the Reiki, I’d get to take away a little gem (or three). Thank you for sharing your gift to heal. Danny, 42. North London
“The session was incredibly powerful and I felt deeply relaxed, calm and present..”
“I decided to try Reiki to help me relax and switch off from the stresses of everyday life. The Reiki session I had with Natasha was an unforgettable experience. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at first but from the moment I arrived, I felt relaxed, calm and present. The session was incredibly powerful, I could feel pressure and warmth all around my body. I felt as though I had gone into a deep relaxed state. Its like having a massage but without the contact. By the end of the session my whole body felt warm and revived. It was such a powerful feeling, its really hard to put into words, you have to experience it to really see the benefits and I would definitely recommend everyone to give it a go!Paula, 59. London
“It has helped reduce my stress and anxiety with longer lasting effects…”
Until recently I had no idea what Reiki was or what its benefits were. I was also dubious and apprehensive before my first session, but was pleasantly surprised to how well I responded to it. Subsequent sessions with Natasha have proved to be enlightening, bringing about a sense of calmness and a strange awareness which lingered on for a few days.
My sessions have also brought about an awareness of my uneven and shallow breathing which were easily put right with her skills, hands on experience and calmly spoken words. I now know first hand how Reiki is not only healing, but helps to reduce stress and anxiety with longer lasting effects.
Natasha’s Reiki sessions also provides an environment to achieve a calmness and balance in the mind which produces a feeling of well-being in the body – keep up the great work Natasha…thank you.Karen, 29. London