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3 Ways to Allow Contentment


Are you busy always trying to achieve something in life which means you’ll be happy when you succeed?

Would you love for things to get easier so that you can feel more content?

This week a friend asked me ‘How do I allow contentment?’ It got me thinking.

First of all what does contentment even mean? Contentment means the state of being contented, satisfied; it’s an ease of mind.

In a world where everyone is searching for happiness there seems to be something missing.

In seeking happiness, for me, it feels like we’re looking for something external to make us happy. “I’ll be happy when…. I find the perfect job, when my noisy neighbours leave, when my partner shows me more love…..”

“I’ll be happy when I ………” You fill in the dots.

So, happiness seems to be slightly out of our reach. Happiness lies at some point in the future.

Perhaps the missing link is contentment. Being ok with where you are right now, allowing things to change and go with the flow or learning to let go of the ‘doing’ and rather learn how to start ‘being’.

After all, we are Human Beings not Human Doings!

In that space of ‘being’ it feels like contentment is possible right here, right now.

Contentment is softer than happiness and it’s a peaceful place to be.
It’s serene, it’s safe, it’s gentle and it’s full of kindness for yourself and others.

Here are 3 tips to start allowing contentment.

  1. Recognise the smaller moments of joy – What’s going on right now around you that makes you smile? Perhaps kids playing, the sound of music or the birds singing, blue skies, an unexpected message from a friend?
  2. Let go of the things that don’t matter – We hold on to so much that, in the big scheme of things, don’t really matter. Ask yourself, will I still be holding onto this tomorrow, next week, next year? Start to let go of things sooner.
  3. Get in flow – Nothing is the same moment to moment and everything is always changing. That’s not often comfortable. Allow yourself, for today, to go with the flow and see whatever shows up and what happens. You might just ease through the day more content.

Remember: Start small and build from there. 

Much love,

Natasha x

P.S. What one thing is standing in your way of being content right now? By doing something different you will start to find a solution that works for you. Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

P.P.S Reply by email – I’d love to hear how you are getting on, or let me know if you’re struggling and need a little inspiration to make a start!?

P.P.P.S I’m really excited as the launch of my Ebook get closer “The Mindfulness Gap – Get Unstuck and Live Your Life Purpose in 7 Simple Steps”. Watch this space for your opportunity to download your free copy soon x


3 things to try if you’re not loving what you do


Do you love what you do?  Do you wake up in the morning excited to get going and are buzzing after a great day?

Or do you feel exhausted at the thought of all that you’ve got to do? Does everything feel like a slog? Perhaps you feel like you’ve got to get your head down and there’s just no time to have any fun! 

I trained 28 people over 2 days last week and I loved every minute of it!

Don’t get me wrong I had to overcome my own fears at training such a big group, which I’d never done before. 

And yes I was pretty exhausted at the end of the 2 days. 

But I was also buzzing at the end of it.  

And it really made me realise how much I love what I do. Seeing how people can do things differently and step into change. 

Just 18 months ago I co-hosted my first ever 2 hour workshop for only 6 people. I’d never done anything like that before. 

That’s how it started: saying yes to something I’d never done before. Getting out of my comfort zone and doing something that I had no skills or experience doing. 

I woke up on the first day of this latest training and set the intention that we would have fun, despite being such a big group. 

And I did have fun. There was energy in the room, there was creativity and there was excitement to learn new skills and use these skills to move forward. 

Here are 3 things to try if you don’t quite love what you do. (And one of them isn’t to leave your job and walk away!)

  1. Say yes to something new. What could you say yes to today that you’ve never done before? What might you be really good at, that you haven’t even contemplated yet
  2. Don’t let fear stop you. There are probably a few things that you haven’t got the skills for. Yet. If an opportunity comes up, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.
  3. Set an intention. These are different to goals. What’s missing from your work right now? Is it fun, spontaneity, collaboration, support? Go to work today and intend that it will show up in one form or another. But be sure notice it when it does 😉

Love what you do and do what you love. 

Remember:  Start small and build from there. 

Much love,

Natasha x

P.S. What 1 thing would change everything about what you do? It might be that this one thing shifts everything for you and you start to love what you do again! Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

P.P.S Reply by email – I’d love to hear how you are getting on, or let me know if you’re struggling and need a little inspiration to make a start!?


Do you have certain goals and ambitions but haven’t quite managed to achieve them yet? Do you get stuck in wondering how on earth you will get there so you never quite get started?

Perhaps you need to know every step in the journey before you’ll take any action at all?

That’s how we get stuck exactly where we are, with no idea how to move forward.

What if I said there are infinite ways you can achieve any goal?
The trouble is, you’re not always able to see them straight away.

We can waste precious energy and time trying to work out every single step along the way. 

But we can’t possibly know what will present itself after we’ve taken the first step and every step after that. Each step can take us in a slightly different direction that we hadn’t even thought of yet. 

Taking one small step forward will create the momentum you need to push you further.

Ask yourself, ”Why do I want to get there?”, rather than asking yourself, “How will I get there?”

This is a much more powerful question and when we understand why we want it, we become far more motivated to achieve it. 

So what can you do? Firstly, get clear about these 3 things:

  1. Why you want it. If you don’t really want something or you’re not clear on why you want it, then you’ll have no motivation to achieve it. Ask yourself if your goal excites you?
  2. What you will gain. Notice I said ‘you’. This is not about doing something to please someone else. Is this goal really yours? Or is someone else’s?
  3. What you’re willing to let go of in order to achieve your goal. When we shift into something new we will always lose a little bit of what we’ve left behind. But, will the rewards be greater? 

Then take just one step. Any step.  And be willing to take a ‘wrong’ step. But do take it!

Yes, there’s a risk involved. 
But isn’t it a greater risk not to start at all? 

After all, as Albert Einstein said, “the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

That includes taking no action at all. Over and over again. 

If what you’re currently doing isn’t getting you closer to your current goal, then isn’t it worth taking that risk and trying a new approach?  

Remember:  Start small and build from there. 

Much love,

Natasha x

P.S. What do you truly want but are not moving any closer to? Do something differently. You’ll get a different result. I promise. 

P.P.S Reach out by email – I’d love to hear how you are getting on, or let me know if you’re struggling and need a little inspiration to make a start!


Are you facing constant challenges at the moment? Does everything feel like an uphill struggle? Or are you completely overwhelmed and can’t make a decision one way or the other?

When we are faced with challenges and problems we can sometimes stay stuck in that challenge or problem, without seeing a possible way out to change it.

But there’s always a solution hiding within.
So, where is that solution? Why is it being so elusive?!

It’s likely we are ignoring it and therefore not noticing what’s right in front of us. Or perhaps we think it’s up to someone else to fix it.

When we take a step back, we can create a space to reflect and ask ourselves different questions. That way we can gain a bit of clarity and start to explore ways of moving beyond the current situation and towards a more positive outcome.

These are 3 things I always ask myself when I’m feeling challenged:

1. What can I learn from this right now? It might be that you explore when this challenge started so you recognise the sign next time it come around and you can find a different way to approach it. Or perhaps you have gained some new skills along the way that means you’ll appreciate the experience further down the line.

2. What are the opportunities? What positive outcome might come of this? Maybe this challenge actually brings you closer towards something you do want. When one door closes, another always opens.

3. What am I missing? When we are focused on the problem or the challenge that’s all we can see. What is it you’re not seeing? Take a step back from where you’re standing. What are you not seeing, recognising or understanding? What possible solution exists to move you forward? Trust yourself that you have the resources to turn it around.

Get your journal out, or take a notepad and start answering these questions for yourself. Or better yet ask a friend to help you out and start asking you these questions to help you see some solutions. Perhaps do it over a glass of wine…

Remember their role is to ask you questions, not to find the solutions for you 🙂

Remember: Start small and build from there.

Much love,
Natasha x

P.S. What one problem or challenge are you faced with right now? How can you start to look at this from a different perspective? Take a step back from it and what do you see going on?

P.P.S Reply by email – I’d love to hear how you are getting on, or let me know if you’re struggling and need a little inspiration to make a start!


6 Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Blues


Are you dreading the clocks going back and the days getting even shorter? Are you wishing away time and already longing for spring to return? Are you dreading the long commute in the dark? Do you feel like you want to start hibernating rather than gearing up for the Christmas season?

Last week I gave a workshop on Beating the Winter Blues and it was interesting to hear how these feelings are already setting in.

I love the autumn season. It’s a beautiful time of the year, with the changing colours, and the crisp, colder days with blue skies. But I also love being outdoors so the shorter days, for me, mean that I’m loosing valuable time outside. So, I’m already starting to feel a sense of dread now that the evenings are drawing in

So, what are the Winter Blues? They are closely linked to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and how the changing seasons affect us. So it doesn’t happen only in Winter; it can happen at any time of year. Perhaps we just feel it more as winter approaches, when we have less exposure to daylight and this in turn can affect our hormone levels.

And what are the symptoms of the Winter Blues? They can appear in the form of low mood and feeling down, lethargy, irritability, sleep problems, losing interest in things, feeling unsociable and also over eating.

These symptoms can appear at any time, but when they are severe or prolonged, then it’s time to take action!

Better yet, take action today, so that you can keep these symptoms completely at bay.

Here are 6 tips that you can easily implement:

  1.  Slow Down – this is the time of year to start slowing down, even though it can feel like things are speeding up. So take some breaks. When we slow down, and stop multitasking (which we can’t really do), we gain focus and clarity. This way we actually get more done, and we’re more productive.
  2. Get outside – get as much daylight as you can. Stand outside for 5 minutes before you head into work, get out for a walk at lunchtime, and try and get out again before you leave work and it’s dark. It will give you a little break so you can slow down too.
  3. Breathing – taking a few slightly deeper, fuller breaths several times a day (or more often!) will help in lots of ways. We all breathe, but most of us do it badly! Breathing more fully has so many amazing benefits. It gives us a boost of energy, relaxes and calms us and allows us to become more focused so we can get on with the tasks at hand with a bit more clarity.
  4. Plan something fun – have something to look forward to. Perhaps a holiday, or a weekend away. If you can’t manage that, plan a day out in the countryside or catch up with friends that make you laugh. Is there a hobby that you want to start up again, or something new your want to try? Do something new and exciting.
  5. Eat healthy – eat more leafy greens like kale, spinach or chard. They contain important folates which help with depression, insomnia and fatigue. Also introduce whole grains such as oats, brown rice and buckwheat, which contain B vitamins and are good for fighting stress. Lastly, try and reduce your sugar intake. 
  6. Gratitude & Staying Positive – reminding yourself what’s good in your life can quickly shift your mood. Write 3 things down every day that you are grateful for. It can be the big things in life- a roof over your head, your family, or your job. But don’t forget the smaller things too – a kind word from a colleague, a smile from a stranger, getting out in nature, spending time with those you love.

You don’t have to do them all. What’s important is to make a start with one thing. See how it feels and if it’s easy to do, you’ll do more of it without thinking.

Remember:  Start small and build from there. 

P.S.  Are you already feeling the winter blues? By doing something different you will start to find a solution that works for you. Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

P.P.S Reply by email – I’d love to hear how you are getting on, or let me know if you’re struggling and need a little inspiration to make a start!



How far can a little kindness go?

How often do you show random acts of kindness? Do you give strangers a warm smile as you pass? How about really acknowledging other people’s achievements? Do you notice when someone needs a little encouragement or needs a hug or gentle touch that says a thousand words?

Showing kindness to others might be easy. Or perhaps not! Do you sometimes find yourself giving others a hard time? And then feel bad about it and so, end up giving yourself a hard time in return?

Kindness and love don’t have to be given in big gestures. Merely acknowledging someone can have a deep impact on their day.

When I go into a shop and buy something, I always acknowledge the person working there and genuinely asking them: ‘How are you?’

This is sometimes met with surprise and I wonder how many times that person has asked strangers that same question and been met by indifference or been ignored.

In a world where we are connected to everyone and everything, we often ignore the people who are directly around us. This leaves us feeling disconnected and invisible.

And what about you? How kind are you to yourself? Do you often recognise your successes in a day or do you focus on everything you didn’t do perfectly?

What is the conversation you are having with yourself? Is it mostly kind? I’m guessing not, and this is something we all struggle with, myself included.

So today, why not show 3 acts of kindness and have a big impact on yourself and others?

Here are some suggestions – and remember to have fun!

1. Give someone a hug. Hugging is good. I love hugging. It releases endorphins and is proved to relieve feelings of depression. Wrap someone in a warm hug and feel the love.  Make sure it lasts at least 20 seconds to get the full effects.

2. Pay someone a compliment. We all love to hear how well we’re doing. Tell a work colleague or your partner, or your kid, how you appreciate what they’re doing. Get them to recognise their own strengths. It lights people up and motivates them!

3. Show yourself some kindness too. This is the most important one I feel. It starts within. If you’re kinder to yourself it makes sense you’re kinder to others. Notice the conversation you’re constantly feeding yourself. We all have it. Start a journal and notice what you’re telling yourself. Would you speak to others in the same way? Start writing words of encouragement instead. Notice your own strengths and successes. They are there. You just have to look a little closer.

Watch what happens….

What do you notice change in that moment when you extend kindness to others (or yourself). Do they soften? Do they accept a compliment, or do they try to dismiss it? Do they respond with a light touch of thanks that says more than words? Do you see something, perhaps gratitude, in their eyes?

And what happens when you show yourself kindness? Do you feel better? Does the dark cloud lift a little? Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Does it motivate you?

Remember: Start small and build from there.

P.S. Be sure to notice the impact a small gesture of kindness has on you and on others. Write these changes in your journal and see how things progress the more you do it 🙂

Spread love and kindness today. We can all recognise the world needs more of it right now.

P.P.S. Reply to me by email – I’d love to hear how you are getting on, or let me know if you’re struggling and need a little inspiration to make a start!


Reconnect to your Essential Self

Is your life moving so fast that you ignore physical pain or your general well-being in order to simply get through the day?

Perhaps you are trying to live up to the expectations of others, or perhaps you are just hard on yourself.  And maybe you don’t have enough time in your day to really give that any thought!

If this sounds like you, then there has never been a better time to STOP than right now!

I’d like to invite you to take one day out of your busy schedule for a much-needed reset.  This retreat-style workshop is all about reconnecting to your essential self.  

What is ‘the Essential Self’?

Our essential selves are those integral parts of us that we can hear when we are still and quiet enough.  Our intuition, our inner compass, and all of our passions, goals and those things that make us…well, US!

The trouble is that our increasingly fast-paced world is getting louder and faster all the time, making it harder for us to stay connected to our essential self.  We end up getting swept along with the crowd, following the expectations of our family and society, while our essential selves get left behind.

So I want to help you find your way back.  By reconnecting you can get back what you have been missing; that purpose, inner guidance and direction for your life.  Learn to trust your own instinct again, and start feeling at home in yourself.

The Workshop

In this 1 day workshop you will learn to:

– Create a connection between mind & body
– Overcome feelings of self-doubt
– Quieten the overactive mind
– Get back in touch with what’s important to you
– Create ‘ME’ time
– Re-connect with your Passion

We will be using a variety of techniques; including breathing exercises, guided meditations, mindfulness, and lots of fun group activities.  The group size is limited to 18 places, so this will be an intimate and relaxing setting.

When, Where and How to Book

Hosted by: Natasha Harris & Angela Allen 
When: Saturday, 21st October 2017, 10.30am-5pm
Where: Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms, 2 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, WC2H 9DP
Price: Early Bird Tickets from £65
Book here ***spaces limited to 18 people***

I hope you are able to join us for this very special day!


life's big questions

Do you find yourself asking some of these questions: What else is there to life? What’s my purpose in this seemingly crazy world? How do I know if I’m making the right choices? Why do I feel so alone right now? Why does life feel like such a struggle sometimes, when I have so much?

Do you find yourself asking these kinds of questions after a tough week at work, or an argument with someone close to you? Or are these questions in one form or another always on your mind? 

These are the bigger questions in life and I hear more people asking them.

Many of us are searching for answers and meaning. 

I realise that the question around ‘Where do I belong?’ is something that I’ve been asking myself for a long time. Living in London, we are surrounded by almost ten million people, yet many of us feel completely disconnected and not part of a community. As a result of technology we are more connected than ever before. No matter where we are in the world, everyone is instantly reachable. 

So why do we still feel alone??

Belonging is something that’s really important for me – my family, my friends, colleagues and being part of my immediate community. Ultimately, being surrounded by people that share similar values and ideas to me is how I thrive in this huge city I call home. 

What about you? How do you thrive?

Here are 3 tips that will help if you ask yourself these types of questions and aren’t sure where to find the answers…. 

  1. Do something in your community. Volunteer, help out a neighbour, join a local community group. Start to get to know the people who live around you. 
  2. Make a decision. Don’t avoid making a choice because you are overwhelmed by the  infinite choices that are available to you. By not deciding you are staying stuck, but that is still a choice for you to make. 
  3. Change one thing today. As humans we thrive on change. But we are creatures of comfort and many of us fear change. Yet, when things change or we challenge ourselves just a little we start to feel alive again. 

Who do you want to be? 

Start asking yourself some questions. Start taking a small step towards understanding who you are, what you want and where you’re going. When you get some clarity around this you can start to take some new action and life will start to change dramatically!

Remember:  Start small and build from there. 

Much love,

Natasha x

P.S.  What bigger lifelong questions do you find you’re asking yourself? Stay curious to what questions are coming up and see where the answers take you. Open the door – there’s nothing to lose!

P.P.S Reply to this post in the comments below – I’d love to hear how you are getting on, or let me know if you’re struggling and need a little inspiration to make a start!



Are you avoiding something at the moment? Are you fooling yourself about it and hoping the problem might go away? Perhaps it feels easier when you’re burying your head in the sand a little?

We are all guilty of ignoring things we don’t want to face and we can become really good at fooling ourselves. I know I have!

 By seeing things as you want to see them it helps you to make sense of what’s going on. 

But it’s not always helpful. In fact it rarely ever is!  You don’t see things as they really are and you miss things that are right in front of you.

It usually festers and becomes a much bigger issue than if you’d addressed it to start with. 

So why do we do it?!?

Wouldn’t you rather deal with things so you can move on?

I now try to look at things differently and be curious about what I might not be seeing, what I’m ignoring or what I’m fooling myself about. I don’t always get it right, but I’m better at spotting it before it becomes a problem in my life.

So, try my 4 simple tips to stop avoiding something so you can move on quicker:

  1. Time.  Give yourself 10 minutes to explore what you’re fooling yourself about and perhaps you can see there’s an alternative way out and it’s not so scary after all 🙂
  2. Curiosity.  What might you be ignoring? Start to become aware of what you are fooling yourself about.Acknowledge it for a moment and give it a bit of attention. How you feel about will start to change… 
  3. Look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. What are you missing or haven’t you noticed before? Is there something else going on that might offer a solution.
  4. Let go. What assumptions are you making? Ask different questions so you gain more clarity about what might actually be happening.

Remember:  Start small and build from there. 

Much love,

Natasha x

P.S.  What one thing are you ignoring right now? By doing something different you will start to find a solution that works for you. Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

P.P.S I’d love to hear how you are getting on, or let me know if you’re struggling and need a little inspiration to make a start!

Reach me at


The Power of Conversation

Do you hate having difficult conversations? Do you find yourself lost for words when you are trying to express how you feel? Do you struggle to speak up and say what you’re truly thinking? Or do you get frustrated when conversations don’t go your way?

In our modern world, I believe we’re loosing the art of communication. We’ve forgotten how to have an honest and empowering conversation face to face. Although technology has its benefits, we have started to hide behind mediums like FaceBook or text messaging in order to communicate.

I never forget the time (in the days I worked in an office) when I got an email from a colleague to ask me if I wanted to have a meeting in 10 minutes. Nothing wrong with that, except she was sitting less than 3 feet away from me! I couldn’t quite believe it!

Not engaging with people has its consequences: We don’t feel seen or heard and we can become lost in our own world where we can feel disengaged and disconnected.

We also begin to fear speaking up and being able to have difficult, but necessary, conversations. We avoid confrontation at all costs and then relationships break down; at home, at work, and with friends.

What if it could be different? And, instead we can learn to speak up, tell others what we are thinking and feeling, and everyone can feel good about it!

Here’s how you can change the quality of conversations:

  1. Avoid technology – Instead of sending a message, pick up the phone and call someone. Arrange a Skype call or catch up for dinner or a coffee so you can enjoy each other’s company!
  2. Truth and Honesty – Start talking from the heart. Speak truthfully and honestly about what’s going on for you. When we are hurt or feel wronged it’s easy to blame someone else for how we feel. Take responsibility for how you are feeling. Others will listen to you rather than feeling they are being blamed.
  3. Listen – We can sometimes be focused on what we want to contribute rather than really listening to what the other person is saying. Next time you are chatting to someone focus on what they are saying so you can respond and the other person feels heard.
  4. Outcome – How would you like the conversation to go? How do you want to feel afterwards? How do you want the other person to feel? Focus on this outcome and your conversation will start to flow in that direction.

All of these points shape the outcome of a conversation. As we get better at having these authentic conversations, we start to see our relationships change for the better. What’s not to like about that?!

 Remember:  Start small. Start having a conversation in a different way. Is there someone that you struggle to communicate more? Your boss, your partner? Your kids? How can you start to have a different conversation with them; one that is more empowering, more honest and one that is focused on moving forward?

 P.S I’d love to hear from you…..



Do you often give yourself a hard time when you’re not feeling great? Do you tell yourself that you shouldn’t be feeling that way? Do you try to ignore how you’re feeling and put on a brave face to those around you? Do you perhaps take it out on someone who doesn’t really deserve it? 

Or, do you feel bad that you are feeling bad?

You’re not alone! I sometimes wake up with a sense of dread at facing my to do list! I feel like I’m racing against the clock and it’s overwhelming. I feel like I don’t always have the energy to face the day and it doesn’t feel good.

When negative emotions shows up, the tendency is to ignore how you are feeling, or to sweep it under the carpet and hope that it might go away. Ignoring how you are feeling generally gives it fuel to continue and make you feel worse. 

So, try these 3 steps and give yourself a break for a few minutes when any negative feelings keep showing up and trying to ruin your day:

  1. Acknowledge – notice exactly how you’re feeling right now. Admit to yourself that you are feeling low and don’t have your usual energy and enthusiasm. 
  2. Accept – it’s ok to feel a bit rubbish. No one has limitless energy and there are times when things are tough. Perhaps there’s something going on and you need time to work though the challenge. 
  3. Allow – give yourself permission to have a bad day. Nothing is permanent and your feelings and emotions are always changing. Know it will pass. Maybe not right now, but perhaps later today or tomorrow. 

We give ourselves a hard time when we’re not feeling great. We are often our own worst critic. 

Notice the internal mind chatter. Are you giving yourself a hard time? Can you be kinder to yourself? After all, kindness starts within :). 

Remember: start small, and build from there. 


Are you someone who is always hopeful? Are you hopeful that everything will work out just fine?  Are you hopeful that you’ll meet the perfect partner, or that the perfect job will come your way? How about hoping that someone else will change so that things get a bit less stressful? Or are you hopeful that things will just somehow work out and resolve themselves?

Or are you someone who trusts? Do you have a quiet belief deep down that things are working out perfectly, and so you keep moving yourself towards what you want? Do you know that everything will work out for the best no matter what the current situation?

There is a difference between hope and trust. I often discuss this with my clients, and this is how I define the difference…

Hope, for me, is when we become attached to an outcome that we believe will make us happy. We quietly hope that something somewhere will happen, but we don’t quite believe that things are fully in our control. We continue to hope that some external event(s) will occur and only then will we be able to relax and know that everything will be ok. But if it doesn’t happen we are disappointed and wonder what we did wrong or what we did to deserve disappointment. 

Trust, on the other hand, is an acknowledgement that whatever the outcome, everything will work out perfectly even if we can’t see it right now. In a space of trust we are able to acknowledge our current situation without judgement or worry.  We somehow find ways to improve things and start doing something differently. We know we are fully in control and we keep moving towards our goals or ambitions. We don’t give up, no matter what. We have complete trust in ourselves and that we will get there. 

I recognise that there are some things in my life I just know will happen and there are other things that I hope will happen. 

Guess which things actually happen? When I know and believe something is going to happen, everything I do takes me closer to my goal. I take different actions, I start to do things differently and I become unstoppable!

After all, how can we expect different results by doing the same things over and over?

So what can we do to trust more? Recognising where we are hopeful is the first step.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I hoping for right now? 
  • Where do I keep seeing the same results showing up time and time again?
  • What am I doing right now that might be keeping me stuck?
  • What one (small) thing can I change about the way I am doing things? 

As you start to do things differently you will also start to see different results. As you move forward you will trust more that it will happen, and you will get excited as you quickly see things changing.

Remember Start small. Recognising one thing in our life where we are not achieving the things we hope for is the first step to making a change. How much do you want that outcome? What are you no longer prepared to put up with? What are you willing to change so that you begin to trust it will absolutely happen?


The #1 lesson I’ve learnt about FEAR

Fear isn’t always a bad thing. It can keep us safe and help us avoid pain. But fear can also be a bit sneaky. Do you ever feel that fear holds you back?

Does it creep up on you and stop you in your tracks?
Does fear stop you from doing something?
Does it keep you stuck in the same place?
Does it stop you from being successful – at work, in relationships, at communicating your needs?

We can use fear to our advantage, and when we learn how to deal with it we can keep moving forward. A couple of weeks ago, fear snuck up on me big time! I went downhill mountain biking and it pushed me further than I bargained for. I’m a good mountain biker but I wasn’t prepared for the difficult tracks that lay ahead. I came off the bike in the first 5 minutes, and questioned my ability to keep going. Luckily, I was with someone who encouraged me. But I was faced with a dilemma. I could convince myself that I can’t do it and quit. Or I could face the fear and get back on the bike.

But I learnt something about my fear. The longer I debated this decision, the harder making the decision became. My fear grew from not knowing what to expect. Did I have the skills needed to do this? How much would I hurt myself if I fell again? Was I physically strong enough?

What amazed me was how uncomfortable my mind got with the uncertainty of what was going to happen.

It took real determination to push through the fear, but I got back on the bike and I let go of the fear (a little!). What I soon realised was that my focus and attention had to be in the immediate moment. I really had put Mindfulness to the test! I couldn’t afford to let my mind wonder off – even for a split second. Everything outside that very moment had to melt away.

Fear had no place in that moment either. I had to trust in myself (and the bike) and let go.

There was nothing to do except be in the moment.

So, although I was physically exhausted (and a bit battered!), I gave my mind a complete rest. And I had fun. I got away from the ‘busy’. And I spent a weekend in every moment. Moment to moment.

Fear taught me a lesson: If we allow fear to stop us from doing something then we will always stay in exactly the same place. But once we push through the fear and experience the uncertainty, it’s so much easier the second time around.

Here are some tips to address sneaky fear:

– Try getting comfortable with being uncomfortable – Celebrate your fear – yes, really! Feeling fear means we are getting closer to where we want to be

– Being open to crossing that panic point, knowing that our confidence and ability increases

Push through the fear and the rewards will be greater than you can imagine! My reward was that I felt exhilarated, truly alive, and I felt free on the edge of mountain tops, blown away by the stunning scenery.

Remember: This fear is not based on anything real or anything that is actually going to happen right in this moment that will harm us.

Typically, fear will show up in 1 of 3 ways: Worry, anxiety, or outright panic; Excuse making, avoiding or procrastinating; Resistance to change and staying stuck.

How does fear show up the most for you?

So, your turn! What are you afraid of? Be brave and leave me a comment below!


Easy ways to add a little fun to the mix!

Are you caught up in the routine of everyday life? Getting up at the same time, taking the same route to work? Maybe the job you do is repetitive? Or how about having the same old conversations with the same people? 

Do your weekends consist of the same tasks too…. Shopping, dropping the kids off to various parties, a takeaway, a bottle of wine and some early nights to recharge yourself for the following week? 

Does some of this sound familiar? Are you bored, lacking energy, and fed up with doing the same things week in week out??

I know that sometimes I get to the weekend and I’m exhausted from the routine of my week and trying hard to get through my never ending to-do lists! There’s a part of me that wants to put my feet up for the weekend, catch up on sleep and get myself ready for the following week. But I know, what really gets me motivated for the week ahead is being outside, getting exercise, spending time with those that make me laugh and doing something exciting!

Perhaps we are getting a little older with more responsibilities, but we don’t have to give up having fun!

So to avoid getting bored of our day-to-day routines, perhaps we need to remind ourselves how to have fun a little more often! I have started asking myself what am I excited about in the week ahead, and this really helps. 

Ask yourself: 

What things did I used to do that excited me?
What did I do used to do for fun? Or what new things would I like to try?

How about:

– Singing lessons
– A date night with your partner
– An activity break
– Rock climbing
– An art class
– Learn a new skill
– Find a local netball or football team 

Adding some fun will change your perspective, it will give you more energy and you will feel more alive. The routine still exists but you’ll see it with fresh eyes!

Remember: start small, and build from there. 

What would you love to do that will bring back a sense of fun? What haven’t you done in years that you used to love?  
I’d love to hear your plans, so please leave me a comment below.



Anatomy of the Chakras Course


I have just completed a 5 day intensive course on the Anatomy of the Chakras with Tias Little (

WOW! What a great course! Tias is a mindful and thoughtful teacher who brings about an awareness of how yoga can maintain a balance of  the emotional, subtle and physical bodies.

It really helped me to tie together my love of practicing yoga with the physical benefits of movement and stretching. Not only has this course deepened my own yoga practice but it has also offered me relief from my ongoing and nagging back complaint. Thank you!

Movement and yoga is an important part of healing our energy systems, and during the course we were given an array of tools to ensure that yoga remains a mindful practice that enhances our wellbeing for the good of all things. Tias also emphasisis the importance of meditation, breathing and something that is a challenge to me – chanting!

I will be writing a series of posts on each of the chakras. I will explain them in turn, highlighting common physical and emotional issues associated with each and the yoga poses that can help to breathe the energy back into those areas.

I hope that you find these useful and helpful, but if you have any questions please get in touch via my contact form or email me at


Reiki in North West London

Welcome to Mind Body & Soul Energy.

I’m really excited to be launching my new website. I have been studying and practicing Reiki since early 2010 and am now a Reiki Master practitioner.

From my own experience and from those that I have treated, I know Reiki to be a powerful healing therapy, shifting and balancing our energies and helping to release the things that no longer serves us.

I believe that Reiki can be a wonderful compliment to many other therapies. I see it as a bridge bringing harmony to any areas of our lives that are a little off balance, and finding a way to use other techniques in our daily lifes to keep a longer term sense of well-being. I do this by incorporating my experience of yoga, breathing, meditation and flower essences, and more into my sessions.

If you’re interested in Reiki, would like to book a session or just want more information please email me at or get in touch via my Contact Form

Happiness is what it’s all about!

Happiness is what it’s all about!

Do you want to actively participate in your life and be HAPPY?

Rapidly, more focus is being made on what makes us happy rather than on everything that makes us unhappy and the things we need to fix. In looking at the negative we can only see what we don’t want or have. What about the positive stuff we do want or have?

What do you love to do? What are you passionate about? Are you doing these things? If not, isn’t it time to start?

See what Action for Happiness are doing and how you can get involved to spread the word!

Have a look at their website